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Sacrificing the Good for the Best

Download Life Guide We’re 14 days in. How are yours going? Your 2018 resolutions, that is. It took some of you awhile, that’s not a good sign! As I thought about resolutions recently, I realized, people’s resolutions often require them to sacrifice good things. Think about it. Someone resolves to work out more. They get […]

The Perfect Opportunity

Download Life Guide Tell me, have you ever had a few laughs at the expense of someone who was sound asleep? You know, your roommate is dead to the world, and you sneak into his room and kind of tickle his nose with a feather and watch him swat the fly. Or better yet, you […]

Sin is…S.I.N.

Download Life Guide When Lifetouch was here last, the company that did our most recent pictorial directory, the photographer mentioned that they could touch-up my photo. “What do you mean by that?” I asked, rather intrigued? “Can you get rid of these bags beneath my eyes?” “Yes we can.” I was assured. “And how about […]

Live Your Identity

Download Life Guide In 1978, “The Who” released a catchy song that posed a simple, but profound question. Singing it in your head? “Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who?” Nearly 40 years later, that question still echoes, and not just when dad listens to his old records, griping that bands don’t make real music […]

What does the Lord require of you?

Download Life Guide “If only these wall could talk.” Maybe you’ve heard people say this when talking about historic buildings or landmarks. Some of you would probably love to hear what the walls have to say from inside the White House… or maybe in the office of Ted Thomson or Mike McCarthy… or in the […]

Understand you are not alone

Download Life Guide  As human beings, you and I experience a variety of emotions or feelings. Maybe you experienced several this past week ranging from joy to sadness. Sometimes our emotions can feel like a rollercoaster soaring high and plummeting low. However, one feeling you and I would rather not experience is the feeling of […]

Disciples of the Lamb

Download Life Guide If you were in danger, and you could pick one animal to rescue you, what kind of animal would you choose? That would probably depend on what kind of trouble you were in, right? If you were being attacked, maybe you’d choose a lion, because it’s stronger and scarier than anything you […]

Let the Word be Heard

Download Life Guide It has been called our theme song, our mission statement, and even our “battle hymn.” (Although I have to say that last one may be a little dramatic.) Many times I have heard people say things like that about Hymn 293 in our hymnal, “God’s Word is our Great Heritage.” Reflecting on […]