Sermons by Pastor Schreiner

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Pentecost Empowers Your Purpose

Download Life Guide You were just hired to work in a carpentry shop. Your first day on the job, your boss assigns you the task of making a beautiful cabinet. Excited for your first project, you grab the necessary lumber, and ask your boss where he keeps the tools. He responds, “Oh…yeah, sorry! We don’t […]

Why Do You Live That Way?

Download Life Guide He wakes up every morning at 5am and runs 12 miles. Then, after work, he goes home and runs 15 more miles. His couch potato coworker wonders incredulously, “Why do you live that way?” He responds, “I’ve always dreamed of finishing the Boston Marathon.” Pounding coffee until 3am every night this week […]

The Certainty of Our Hope

Download Life Guide Their hope was growing. For the past few years, they’d heard him teach with uncommon authority. They’d witnessed his amazing miracles, curing people’s diseases and demons; filling stomachs with bread, and minds with wonder. Their hope bloomed, initially with anxious whispers, “We hope he is the one who will redeem Israel, who […]

Easter Erases Fear

Download Life Guide What are you afraid of? Unless you’re playing the macho card, we have to admit, we’re all afraid of something. Maybe you’re afraid of mice or spiders; big crowds or tight spaces. Maybe you’re afraid to lose your job, your health, or someone you love. Maybe you’re afraid of your guilty past, […]

“How Good, Lord, to Be Here!”

Download Life Guide “It’s good for us to be here!” That was my thought as my wife and I sat on a beautiful white sand beach in Mexico. It was complete relaxation, free from the fears, troubles, and responsibilities of the real world. The only trouble was we didn’t want to come home from our […]

Live Your Identity

Download Life Guide In 1978, “The Who” released a catchy song that posed a simple, but profound question. Singing it in your head? “Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who?” Nearly 40 years later, that question still echoes, and not just when dad listens to his old records, griping that bands don’t make real music […]

Disciples of the Lamb

Download Life Guide If you were in danger, and you could pick one animal to rescue you, what kind of animal would you choose? That would probably depend on what kind of trouble you were in, right? If you were being attacked, maybe you’d choose a lion, because it’s stronger and scarier than anything you […]

Meet God…in a Manger

This Christmas morning, I want you to use your imaginations. First, imagine that you know absolutely nothing about God. Second, imagine you’re driving around Appleton. As you drive, you pass a church, whose sign invites you, “Meet God here today!” Your curiosity piqued, you turn into the parking lot and walk inside. As an usher […]

Dealing with Doubt

Download Life Guide Your teenage son isn’t home yet– 30 minutes late for curfew. What assumptions pop into your head? “He was in a terrible car accident! He’s dead in a ditch somewhere! He’s been kidnapped!” But…5 minutes later, he walks through the door totally fine, just a forgetful teenager. A young woman’s boyfriend hasn’t […]