Praise God for all he’s done for us in 2019! Last year one-hundred and fifty Mount Olive members read through the Bible using the Bible app or In 2020 we’ll have a chance to do it again! This year we’ll be going at a slower pace so that we read through the whole New Testament in 1 year.

>> CLICK HERE<< to access the Mount Olive Bible reading group.

Click on that link and it will take you to a page that says, “NT Chronological.” Towards the bottom of that page is a green link that says “Accept Invitation.” Once you click on that, you will see a sign-in page. If you already have a YouVersion Bible account, you can sign in. If you are new to YouVersion, you’ll need to create a profile by clicking on “Sign Up” in the middle of the page. You can also sign in with an account from Facebook or Google. Once you’ve logged in or signed up for an account, you will have access to the Mount Olive group under the “My Plans” tab.

To read along on your smartphone, you can create a YouVersion account on your computer and download the app called “Bible.” Login in using the account you created online, and our reading plan will appear on your phone app as well. 

I know this is a lot of technical jargon. Let me know if you’re having trouble getting signed up. I’ll do whatever I can to help get you where you need to go! 

Check out the video at the top of the page for a summary of all this information. The plan starts on January 1st. I look forward to taking this journey with you in 2020! What a joy to think of Jesus every day!

-Pastor Wordell