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Weak Fools for the Cross

Download Life Guide “Alexamenos worships his god.” Around 200 A.D., an unknown Roman citizen carved that phrase in Latin into a wall near the Palatine Hill in Rome. Accompanying the phrase was a crudely etched picture which depicts a young man, presumably “Alexamenos,” worshiping a man with a donkey head…hanging on a cross. You get […]

Consequences, Crosses, and Christ

Download Life Guide There’s an old phrase used by German theologians that I’ve always found interesting. “Das Liebe Kreuz.” For those who don’t “sprechen sie deutsch,” that means “The dear cross.” When you understand that the cross was a torture device used to execute the vilest criminals, “The dear cross” is kind of like saying, […]

God’s Word is Our Great Heritage

We are in the middle of the Lenten season, so I’d like to take some time to wish you a happy anniversary!   Not 25th, or 40th, or 50th- but 500th!   Of course, what I am referring to is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation which we are celebrating this year.  500 years ago, Martin Luther […]

Jesus is the Friend of Sinners

Download Life Guide Do you remember Steven Avery, the man featured in the documentary, “Making a Murderer”? Tell me, how would you feel if yesterday you learned that Steven Avery was released from prison and today he comes strolling into church and plops down in the pew beside you? How would you feel? Would you […]

Hide and Seek

Download Life Guide This past Wednesday we began what is known in the Christian church as the season of Lent. Did you know that Lent is just a shortened version of on Old English word that means “Spring- time”? I found that a little ironic as I walked through half a foot of snow to […]