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Two Powerful Miracles

When I was 4 years old, I had a chance to be a hero. I was at my cousin’s birthday party, running around in the backyard. We ended up behind the swing set, where with impeccable timing, my cousin’s head and a backwards-traveling swing met at the same place, at the wrong time. As the […]

We All Believe in One True God

Download Life Guide Download Leader’s Life Guide Dear friends in Christ, I’m so glad you’re here on this Father’s day weekend to hear about the amazing blessing your heavenly Father wants to give you. There was a dad, whose ex-wife didn’t want him to be involved in his son’s life. But the dad still loved […]

The Holy Spirit Has Come!

Download Life Guide Download Leader’s Life Guide The Holy Spirit has Come! I. He’s Come with Miraculous Signs II. He’s Come with the Gift of Tongues III. He’s Come with a Message of Salvation for All   (Acts 2:1-21)  When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. {2} Suddenly a […]

Pentecost Empowers Your Purpose

Download Life Guide You were just hired to work in a carpentry shop. Your first day on the job, your boss assigns you the task of making a beautiful cabinet. Excited for your first project, you grab the necessary lumber, and ask your boss where he keeps the tools. He responds, “Oh…yeah, sorry! We don’t […]

The Lord Came Down

Download Life Guide In the 1920s the economy was flourishing in the United States and business leaders were pouring their profits right back into industry. One of the leading companies, General Motors, was doing very well and their President, a man named John Jacob Raskob, wanted to extend his reach into the real estate world […]

There’s No Place Like Home

When I graduated from high school I was like most 18 year olds.  I couldn’t wait to get to college.  Living away from home, away from my parents’ rules, with no curfews and no chores.  And so off I went to Northwestern College in Watertown, a whole 90 miles away from home, moved into a […]

The Best is Yet to Come!

A pastor learned that there were serious problems at his former congregation. It had become riddled with cliques and divisions over which pastor people preferred, between rich vs poor, between those who considered themselves more spiritual and those they judged to be less so. The arguments resulted in chaos in worship services and at church […]