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Why Take Up the Task of Ministry?

Sermon Text Bible Study Guide Sermon Text Bible Study Guide – Leader’s Notes Last week, I got out golfing and I got paired up with another guy about my age. We got to chatting and asked about each other’s jobs. Then it came, the question I’ve sweated for years, probably the single most frequent question […]

Christ Ascends Victorious!

Life Guide Have you ever wondered why we call this place Mount Olive? If I had to take a guess on why a church like Riverview in Appleton is called Riverview, well I’d have to guess it’s because they’re in a neighborhood with a view of the river. But our little Mount Olive neighborhood isn’t […]

Jesus Prays for You!

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes In the Old Testament, when God set aside the priesthood to serve him and the people in the Tabernacle, he gave specific instructions about the garments that the priests were to where, especially the High Priest. The skilled workers from among the people were to make sacred garments […]

The Crucial Hours: Ash Wednesday

As Satan Sifts, Jesus Confronts, Forgives, and Strengthens Lent is not the most wonderful time of year. There’s no Christmas trees and lights and carols. We even put the Church’s most jubilant songs, the Alleluia’s and Gloria’s away for the season. Instead, there’s purple and black, there’s minor keys and haunting lyrics, and there’s time […]