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The Peculiar Antidote: Look and Live!

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes Has a detour ever done you in? You were on a long road trip to somewhere. Your back feels like it’s becoming part of the car seat. The kids are in the back asking every 5 minutes, “Are we there yet?” Your patience is wearing thin, then you […]

What to Give Up for Lent?

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes Did you give something up for Lent? Every Fat Tuesday, the day people binge on things before Lent starts, there’s all kinds of chatter about what to give up for Lent. I ran across a list of 25 suggestions people might give up for Lent. Most of them […]

Authority to Forgive Sins

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes Jesus reveals and heals your greatest need! What is your greatest need? There may be different things going on in your life that would lead you to answer that question differently at different points in your life. If you asked a man named Esau from the Old Testament […]

The Sinless Son for Sinners

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes There’s an acclaimed children’s story about two young boys, one a prince and one an orphan boy, named Jemmy. The prince is so badly behaved and spoiled that he earns himself the nickname “Prince Brat” in all his kingdom. Since the other boy is an orphan who makes […]

The Word Became Flesh!

Has there ever been a year that you’ve spent more time at home? Because of things like “safer at home” order, our dwelling places were used for more dwelling than ever before. At times, that has led to a welcome change of pace–less distractions, more time for the family, more time to focus on your […]

How Shall I Meet Him?

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes We live in a culture where the wedding is all about the bride, and for good reason, she’s definitely the better half. There’s a growing fascination, even an obsession with all things bride—her veil and her dress and her shoes and her hair.  You can watch these reality […]

Faithful Witnesses in Fateful Days

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes Grace and Peace to you from Jesus Christ, the Faithful Witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. (Rev. 1:4,5) A man’s enemies had contrived a devious plot against him. They had brought him before governors and kings to force him […]

Pressing on Toward the Goal

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes I was down to the last half mile and I was out of gas. It was the longest race I had ever run, 13 miles of boredom and exhaustion, and there was nothing left in the tank. I thought I was sunk.  But as I crossed the marker […]

They Preached the Word Wherever They Went

Life Guide Life Guide – Leader’s Notes Tragedy had struck and the devil was squealing with joy! One of the believers own number had just been killed, more than that, brutally murdered by an angry mob. And the reason? For proclaiming Christ! The rest of the believers who saw this grisly scene would remember forever […]