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The Crucial Hours: Ash Wednesday

As Satan Sifts, Jesus Confronts, Forgives, and Strengthens Lent is not the most wonderful time of year. There’s no Christmas trees and lights and carols. We even put the Church’s most jubilant songs, the Alleluia’s and Gloria’s away for the season. Instead, there’s purple and black, there’s minor keys and haunting lyrics, and there’s time […]

Uncovered: A Light For All People

Life Guide There’s nothing that keeps you on the edge of your seat like a good mystery–learning the characters, investigating the details, cracking the case. The mystery genre of literature and film has captivated generations of readers and viewers with classic series like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew all the way to the recent […]

Redeemed Right from the Start

Today we’re going to start with a pop quiz! No!! Pastor, you can’t give us a quiz on the day after Christmas. We’re not ready. Our bellies are still aching from the sugar, and we’re tire from opening presents. Okay, but this quiz should be pretty easy because it’s material we hear about every single […]

Thankful from the Inside Out

Thankful from the Inside Out Have you felt the cold? I’m not talking about the blustery cold November days. I’m talking about those cold moments when you feel yourself turning towards God with your hands stretched out in the air? When the only sensation you’ve got left in the daily numbness of it all is […]