Sermons by Pastor Raasch

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Christians Will Endure Persecution

Download Life Guide Just for a minute, I want you to imagine reading this ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist. For sale. 1997 Toyota Corolla. 285, 000 miles. Some rust. Needs brakes. AC does not work. Missing a fender. Won’t start. $5,000, firm. Tell me, does that sound like a car you’d want to […]

Jesus Intercedes for You

Download Life Guide Tell me, have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were in trouble with someone in authority? You broke the rules and you knew you would have to face the consequences. And the whole matter left you feeling a little sick to your stomach. I expect that we’ve all […]

Jesus is Your Good Shepherd

Download Life Guide            I expect that we’ve all experienced it to one degree or another—that feeling of loneliness. That feeling that we’re isolated from people, we have no real connection to anyone, we’re all alone—even if we’re in the middle of a crowd. For some of you, that feeling really hit when you lost […]

Be Imitators of Christ

Download Life Guide             Tell me, do you have someone in your life who you’ve used as a role model? Someone you look up to? Someone whose example you sought to follow? Maybe it’s a parent or a grandparent. Maybe it’s a co-worker or a celebrity of some kind. A number of years ago, Gatorade […]

Jesus Displays His Power over Demons

Download Life Guide             Tell me, do you think there is such a thing as an evil spirit? Are there actually demons roaming our world, influencing the lives of human beings? If something bad happens to you, if you have an unexplainable sickness, could you be under the spell of an evil spirit? Is it […]

The Word Became Flesh

Here’s a Christmas Day quiz for you: Of the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, how many contain an account of Jesus’s birth? Do you know? Let’s go through them. The first one is easy. The most complete account of Jesus’ birth is recorded in what book? Yes, the gospel of Luke, Chapter 2. […]