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Faith in the Unfathomable

Download Life Guide What would you say is the most unfathomable thing about God? Mysteries that are beyond our ability to logically understand? I’ll give you three choices. Would you say A.) The Triune God, that God is three distinct persons, but just one God?  B.) The dual nature of Christ—that Jesus is both 100% […]

“To Whom Shall We Go?”

Confirmands, can I tell you something really important? This is NOT your graduation. Parents, can I tell you something really important? This is NOT your kids’ graduation. Yes, there will be parties, family celebrations, and special meals. There will be cards, gifts, and pictures. You even get to wear a robe. But this is NOT […]

Living with “He Is Risen Indeed” Peace

Download Life Guide “He is Risen!” “He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!” Just a week ago, we celebrated my absolute favorite day of the year, Easter Sunday. The joy of the comforting message of the Risen Christ, the beautiful music, the powerful shouts of “He is Risen Indeed!” Even my Facebook newsfeed transformed from a spiteful […]

A Meal of Promise

Have you ever been disappointed with a meal? I’m not talking about the fries at McDonald’s being cold, or the gas station burrito you gambled on for lunch being your day’s biggest regret. Those are meals you might expect to be disappointed with. No, I’m talking about being disappointed with a meal you thought would […]

Weak Fools for the Cross

Download Life Guide “Alexamenos worships his god.” Around 200 A.D., an unknown Roman citizen carved that phrase in Latin into a wall near the Palatine Hill in Rome. Accompanying the phrase was a crudely etched picture which depicts a young man, presumably “Alexamenos,” worshiping a man with a donkey head…hanging on a cross. You get […]

Consequences, Crosses, and Christ

Download Life Guide There’s an old phrase used by German theologians that I’ve always found interesting. “Das Liebe Kreuz.” For those who don’t “sprechen sie deutsch,” that means “The dear cross.” When you understand that the cross was a torture device used to execute the vilest criminals, “The dear cross” is kind of like saying, […]

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Download Life Guide This past Tuesday, a man entered a restaurant in Fort Mill, SC, pulled out a gun, and shot and killed a teenage cashier. He had no connection or motive; just the senseless killing of a 19-year old girl. Two weeks ago, a pastor from Merrill, WI crossed the center line while driving […]

Sacrificing the Good for the Best

Download Life Guide We’re 14 days in. How are yours going? Your 2018 resolutions, that is. It took some of you awhile, that’s not a good sign! As I thought about resolutions recently, I realized, people’s resolutions often require them to sacrifice good things. Think about it. Someone resolves to work out more. They get […]

Revealed by God for Peaceful Departures

Download Life Guide Steering wheels gripped white-knuckle tight, as drivers navigate interstates turned ice rinks. Anxious hours pacing by the window, waiting for precious family cargo to arrive. Desperate, suitcase-laden sprints through the airport like a Home Alone movie. Holiday travel is often stressful because of so many uncertain, uncontrollable circumstances; will the roads be […]

God’s Messengers Prepare Us for Hope

“Your King is coming!” Few phrases in a kingdom could produce such a flurry of activity as those four words. Men called “heralds” relayed the message, messengers sent ahead by kings to prepare people for their arrival. When a herald announced “Your King is coming,” townspeople went to work. They filled in potholes and leveled […]