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Get to Know the Perfect Groom

Download Life Guide  The perfect guy is a stock character from lots of stories. He might look different depending on girl and the situation. Here’s a few examples. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice is chivalrous and dignified, considerate and romantic, the perfect guy for the 19th century, the perfect guy […]

Does God Care About Me?

Download Life Guide  In the movie in your mind, blank black screen. (BUM BUM). Date in white letters, 630 BC. The black screen opens to an aerial shot of Jerusalem. You can see the palace and the temple, and just to the north the New Quarter of the city, and the city wall with an […]

How Valuable is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Download Life Guide  So at my house, especially before I got married, I handled my finances. I can balance a checkbook, pay my own taxes. Now I’ve even got my Taco Bell budget down under $200/month. So you’ll agree I can handle finances. Good. Then if anyone would like to bring your checkbook up to […]

Crave The Food That Gives Eternal Life

Download Life Guide  Bon appetit! Maybe you’ve heard that phrase as you are about to sit down to eat. Bon appetit! It’s a French phrase which means, “good appetite” or “enjoy your meal,” and it fits well with our theme for today, “Crave the food that gives eternal life.” So, what do you think? Do […]